We provide our clients specialized advising and assistance in cases involving complex or very serious investigations. Our team brings together the experience of a wide range of experts, including former prosecutors, former members of U.S. federal investigative units, lawyers, expert witnesses, and analysts.


Our team of investigators has been trained in the most prestigious federal investigative academies of the United States, with expertise in complex analysis, interrogations, collection of evidence, surveillance, intelligence gathering, and counterintelligence, and is armed with the most sophisticated techniques and investigative equipment available today. We also work with local authorities when necessary.

FEXTOR has extensive experience in how to evaluate and decide on the admissibility of evidence in legal proceedings in both Ecuadorian and United States jurisdictions. Internal investigations oftentimes require the support of expert witnesses who have been accredited as such by the Ecuadorian judicial system.   Our team has all of the requisite national and international certifications in these cases, and carefully safeguards the chain of custody at all times. We plan and design research framework that is aligned with each specific case strategy, always taking care to protect our clients’ needs.


FEXTOR combines its expert knowledge in financial, exchange, and accounting investigations with sophisticated computer tools to make financial analyses and express conclusions through mapping, to chart out connections that help to clarify criminal economic scenarios. This work is done with a team of economists, forensic accountants, financial and tax analysts, and forensic information technology experts that have worked for some of the top national and international investigative agencies.

We plan out a research strategy to identify the persons responsible and set up asset recovery procedures. We work through to the end of a case, sometimes passing it on to the authorities as required.


At FEXTOR we used the most advanced techniques and tools available on the market so that our internationally certified forensic investigation specialists are able to collect and analyze digital evidence that is so crucial in court proceedings and investigations. We are able to forensically determine whether evidence has been transferred, modified, or eliminated.  We analyze digital and electronic content, along with internet use patterns, text messaging services, and email.  We are able to recover deleted data, and also evaluate and explain metadata from retrieved files using connection boxes.

At FEXTOR we have the technical capability to retrieve information from hard drives and servers, even after someone has tried to destroy them. We perform complex analyses that apply solid forensic procedures so that our clients can use our findings to follow up on internet crimes like phishing, as well as those relating to intellectual property and product falsifications, or to expose disgruntled employees who participate in anonymous acts of libel over the internet.

Our staff has extensive experience in maintaining the chain of custody for evidence to ensure solid legal processes. At FEXTOR we have experience in providing statements and testimony in civil, administrative, or criminal judicial proceedings before judges and court panels, as well as through sworn statements.


FEXTOR has experience in identifying, locating and recovering assets. FEXTOR team members’ experience on complex international financial investigations constitutes unique expertise in the market to identify assets that are hidden in goods and real estate, offshore companies and business holdings, including those managed in tax havens.

FEXTOR strictly observes privacy and data protection laws, and our investigators, economists, and forensic accountants perform complex financial audits to locate assets hidden locally or in foreign jurisdictions, untangling complex plans to hide assets, companies, and offshores. Identifying the precise location and value of such hidden assets is a fundamental and critical step in asset recovery in legal processes and in filing for injunctions.

At FEXTOR, we advise our clients on asset recovery procedures once the assets or goods have been identified so that our clients can legally and effectively recover them. Our personnel’s experience in international repatriation of money and assets make us a unique resource in global recovery matters.


Our investigative and analytical capacity, along with integrity and forensic procedures, make FEXTOR the only group in the market that is capable of fully resolving internal matters and making exhaustive background checks.

We perform investigations in all types of companies to verify breaches of regulations, whether in administrative terms or those having criminal intent. We make complete investigations into actions committed by employees that could cause serious damage to a company.  FEXTOR uses a variety of methods, including but not limited to alcohol and drug testing, and non-invasive state-of-the-art polygraphs performed by persons trained abroad. We analyze the honesty of corporate personnel by doing both physical and analytical background checks and present a final product to our client so that they can make fully informed decisions.


At FEXTOR, we help our clients achieve comprehensive solutions in Human Talent Management, including attracting, administering, and developing talent, as well as fostering loyalty.

We work as facilitators in processes within organizations, providing our knowledge and experience to maximize a business’s key factors for success while helping to develop human capital.

FEXTOR works in personnel selection processes with companies, providing security reports, credit analyses, drug tests, psychometric tests, and polygraphs so that our clients are able to improve their productivity through hiring honest, trained personnel.


FEXTOR is a regional market leader in intellectual property investigations and protection, including customer information, trade secrets, commercial marks, and patents.  At FEXTOR we work to fight piracy, falsifications, black market trade, and unauthorized appropriation by former employees, business partners, and third parties.

FEXTOR  makes hard-hitting investigations into personal data breaches, loss and theft of intellectual property, and patent infringements to identify the parties or complex criminal networks behind such actions. FEXTOR’s networks of local and international contacts are key to our being able to make effective investigations and take compelling action by investigating head on within the supply chain to identify where criminal activity is effectively happening.

At FEXTOR, we make use of our advanced technical knowledge in forensic information technology, analysis, and intelligence to provide a multidisciplinary and unique, global approach to investigations and intellectual property protection.

Business Intelligence

When looking into the operational advantage of a competitor, analyzing the attitude of a business group when weighing a proposal for a merger or a new company, or upon evaluating the quality of a company’s relationships, FEXTOR is a key resource that can provide you with reliable and actionable intelligence. As companies seek and compete for growth opportunities, they face new challenges that include operating in unknown economic, political, business, and legal environments, complying with local regulations and dealing with unstable markets.

FEXTOR provides a better strategic understanding of operational risk issues by combining investigative capabilities and the use of primary sources with a second-to-none analytical capacity so that our clients can understand the risks and benefits of new opportunities.

Due Diligence

Today, companies face more challenges than ever to maintain their business opportunities while complying with local regulations to ensure that their operations are carried out appropriately. At FEXTOR, we provide support to investment agents, legal advisors, and compliance officers who need to understand and interpret complex information and undertake exhaustive due diligence efforts.

The business market evolves differently in each country, with companies and financial institutions facing regulations and compliance issues that become stricter by the day. This means that companies need to fully investigate and perform due diligence on their customers, partners, and suppliers.

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