Search and Recovery of Assets

FEXTOR has experience in identifying, locating and recovering assets. FEXTOR team members’ experience on complex international financial investigations constitutes unique expertise in the market to identify assets that are hidden in goods and real estate, offshore companies and business holdings, including those managed in tax havens.

FEXTOR strictly observes privacy and data protection laws, and our investigators, economists, and forensic accountants perform complex financial audits to locate assets hidden locally or in foreign jurisdictions, untangling complex plans to hide assets, companies, and offshores. Identifying the precise location and value of such hidden assets is a fundamental and critical step in asset recovery in legal processes and in filing for injunctions.

At FEXTOR, we advise our clients on asset recovery procedures once the assets or goods have been identified so that our clients can legally and effectively recover them. Our personnel’s experience in international repatriation of money and assets make us a unique resource in global recovery matters.

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