Rapid DNA

Fast and reliable DNA identification

First and only system with FBI NDIS approval

DNA is the gold standard of human identification, since DNA remains unchanged, from birth to death.

Fextor has made a strategic alliance with ANDE, a world leader in Rapid DNA, for the exclusive representation and distribution of the product in Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.

ANDE is the world leader in Rapid DNA, a designed technology to reduce DNA identification times, seeking to help law enforcement agencies, the defense of the national territory, the identification of disaster victims and the armed forces.

Fextor has made a strategic alliance with ANDE, a world leader in Rapid DNA, for the exclusive representation and distribution of the product in Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.

This technology offers results in just 90 minutes (less than 2 hours); even processing samples simultaneously, reducing costs and time.


Rapid DNA is on a mission to create a safer world. ANDE’s pioneering work is already having a major impact on a wide range of applications in the US and internationally, and is used by organizations such as homeland defense, disaster victim identification, and military applications. It has been used in emblematic cases of recognition of victims in the US Forest fires, COVID, and even the well-known case of the accident of the American basketball player Kobe Bryant.

The Rapid DNA Identification system consists of a robust and powerful chip, as well as expert system software that interprets data and generates actionable results. The chip accepts an oral swab or a forensic sample, be it blood stains, cigarette butts, glasses, tissues, hair, teeth, fluids, flyers, firearms, cell phones, and items that have been subjected to tampering.

how is it used?

ANDE is so easy to use that it only has 5 steps.

Collect samples

Obtaining samples from various surfaces.

Scan the sample in ANDE

After the extraction, the sample is inserted for scanning in ANDE.

Insert the sample into the disposable chip.

Insert ANDE chip – close door to start.

The created DNA fingerprint will be searched in a regional and state database.

“This [Quick DNA] technology will reduce processing time from months to hours, allowing law enforcement to rapidly advance investigations and protect the public.”



→ ANDE Breaking the crime cycle

The FBI defines rapid DNA processing as “the fully automated generation and interpretation of a DNA profile in less than two hours on a rugged, field-deployable device by non-technical users.” Moving DNA processing from the laboratory to the field allows law enforcement to identify individuals at the speed of their investigation. This is changing the paradigm in criminal and expert services.

Rapid DNA has proven itself and has been used successfully by the US military and our allies around the world. The system has also undergone rigorous testing, with more than tens of thousands of samples evaluated. Now, with two years of experience in the field, ANDE is making an impact in the criminal and expert areas.


  • Police stations
  • Scenes of a crime
  • Vans, trucks and cars
  • Detention centers
  • Jails and Prisons
  • Forence Offices / Medical Examiners.
  • Victim sites
  • Borders and Ports
  • Embassies
  • Essentially anywhere.


  • Buccal swabs
  • Blood stains
  • Signs of Rape
  • Cups, cans and bottles
  • Cigar butts, gum and straws
  • Steering wheels, firearms, cell phones
  • Bone
  • Hair
  • Teeth
  • Semen
  • Muscle and tissues
  • Much others.


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