Human talent assessment


Polygraphic Evaluation and Detection of Deception

Equipment approved by agencies such as FBI, DEA, HSI.

Our team of polygraphists were trained in U.S. federal agencies.

We have the best team of experts who identify and analyze the body language and responses of the evaluated, which is corroborated with one of the three technical deception detection instruments that we maintain according to each case: polygraph, dilatation detector pupil of the human eye, and recognition of stress in the voice.

Our technological equipment is one of the latest generation, they are the least invasive in the world market, so that the evaluated person feels comfortable at the time of the interview.

We are a company made up of former members of the U.S. Homeland Security.

We have more than 15 years of experience working in the past as officials of the U.S. Department of State in Ecuador and the world. 

We are the only ones who maintain the 3 most accurate deception detectors in the world: polygraph, pupil dilation detector and voice stress recognition.

All of our polygraphists have studied in the U.S. and hold international certifications, being the only ones in Ecuador and Colombia with all certifications including APA.

→ Our international experience makes the difference in Ecuador and Colombia

As former officials of the American government we maintain techniques and know the latest generation technology for deception detection. We work with national and multinational companies from different sectors that have trusted FEXTOR.









Corporate ethics is proactive, looking for the good and not only trying to avoid the bad: from principles it transforms coexistence and collaboration within the company, innovating towards the best.

→ Personnel Reliability Studies

Know the level of trustworthiness of your future employees, prevent the risk of infiltration and avoid hiring negative leaders that affect your interests.

We take care of the study, analysis and in-depth investigation of the candidate, verifying the background in order to rule out any type of illegal acts of your company.

Companies must ensure that the personnel who enter their different areas have the necessary reliability, to minimize risks, preventing personnel from being “contaminated” by people outside the law.

We carry out an in-depth study, analysis and investigation of the candidate, verifying the background in order to rule out any possibility of committing illegal acts within the company.

The process we carry out is unique, which allows us to evaluate personal, family and social aspects of future collaborators obtaining objective and verified information from their candidates, in order to make an effective decision.

Home visit

Field visit and interview to the evaluated and family. Analysis of family environment.

Personal Data Verification

We check the information provided with public records and forensic analysis.

Personal history

Verification of personal background both police and judicial, local and international.

Labor References

Job referencing with the direct previous boss validating the data placed in the CV.

Documents Verification

Check the authenticity of the personal documents presented in the selection process.

Additional services

Credit Bureau Verification (Additional Value). Drug Test (Additional Value).

→ Types of Assessments

We put at your disposal 3 types of polygraphic evaluations, which can be used according to your requirement.



Pre-employment: Designed process for the selection of personnel.



Routine: Designed process to apply to a job.



Pre-employment: Designed process to be applied in investigations (Ex: a robbery)


We are the only company in Ecuador and the Andean Region that has polygraphists accredited by the most important  Association of polygraphy:

American Association of Police Polygraphists

American Polygraph Association

European Polygraph Academy

European Polygraph Academy

To request accreditations of our polygraphists, write to:

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