Information Technology Investigations

At FEXTOR we used the most advanced techniques and tools available on the market so that our internationally certified forensic investigation specialists are able to collect and analyze digital evidence that is so crucial in court proceedings and investigations. We are able to forensically determine whether evidence has been transferred, modified, or eliminated.  We analyze digital and electronic content, along with internet use patterns, text messaging services, and email.  We are able to recover deleted data, and also evaluate and explain metadata from retrieved files using connection boxes.

At FEXTOR we have the technical capability to retrieve information from hard drives and servers, even after someone has tried to destroy them. We perform complex analyses that apply solid forensic procedures so that our clients can use our findings to follow up on internet crimes like phishing, as well as those relating to intellectual property and product falsifications, or to expose disgruntled employees who participate in anonymous acts of libel over the internet.

Our staff has extensive experience in maintaining the chain of custody for evidence to ensure solid legal processes. At FEXTOR we have experience in providing statements and testimony in civil, administrative, or criminal judicial proceedings before judges and court panels, as well as through sworn statements.

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