Improper Use Of Intelectual Property

FEXTOR is a regional market leader in intellectual property investigations and protection, including customer information, trade secrets, commercial marks, and patents.  At FEXTOR we work to fight piracy, falsifications, black market trade, and unauthorized appropriation by former employees, business partners, and third parties.

FEXTOR  makes hard-hitting investigations into personal data breaches, loss and theft of intellectual property, and patent infringements to identify the parties or complex criminal networks behind such actions. FEXTOR’s networks of local and international contacts are key to our being able to make effective investigations and take compelling action by investigating head on within the supply chain to identify where criminal activity is effectively happening.

At FEXTOR, we make use of our advanced technical knowledge in forensic information technology, analysis, and intelligence to provide a multidisciplinary and unique, global approach to investigations and intellectual property protection.

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